Friday, March 11, 2005


Too much going on, too little time to think and write. Tonight we had dress rehearsal of the ten-minute scene from "The Flight of the Butter Boy" that we are doing at Paul and Suellen Nida's Mardi Gras party tomorrow night. It has been a scramble getting costumes and props together, but we have everything now, and the runthrough went fine, with only a few glitches and forgotten lines. I decided to let it be, not rehearse more; we will have other rehearsals to work on it for the actual production, and will get a better costume for Michele, who is wearing Juliana's Greek tunic from "Midsummer Night's Dream" and looks dumpy. Alfred is wearing an Indian shirt of mine and looks good. Mares altered the Hippolyta costume and looks great in it with her bra stuffed. She dyed the Butter Boy's tunic and pants yellow and pinked his cheeks, and Taylor looks the vrai Butter Boy. Tomorrow I will make a flyer to pass out at the party so people will come see the whole play when it opens April 22 at the theatre: this is the trailer, fun to whisk together for good people. We stayed after rehearsal and had a drink.

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