Thursday, March 03, 2005

Good Will

Plunged finally into revising my revised memoir of New York improved beginning Gary invited me to send I want to sell it publication readers many years writing waiting for costumer friends help visualize Annette Bening says good costumes give her the character Robin arrives Steve sick two months Kelsey husband calls she in surgery dog hit by car Robin admires my harpsichord never heard before live we talk through the costumes easy simpatico paragon good will I'm scared this play too hard subtle these inexperienced actors asking magic of theatre save us all I watched runthrough "Lady's Not for Burning" our little theatre's latest effort see what's needed set the lights no pain the play so witty one more day "Butter Boy" begins I am preparing to direct an amateur production of "The Flight of the Butter Boy," a play by Guy J. Jackson that the author gave me in typescript, hoping I would produce it, seven or eight years ago when I was producing a play at the Lobero Theatre in Santa Barbara and he was working in the box office. I liked the play immediately, enormously, but my partner was not interested in directing it, and I had lost too much money on my last production. The writer, who was not older than 20 or 21 when I knew him, subsequently moved to Chicago, and eventually I lost track of him. Someone I know ran into him on the street in San Francisco last year, and he may live there, but he is not in the phone book. I have tried all kinds of internet searches, Craig's List, everything I can think of. I hope he still wants me to do his play. I have royalties for him in my budget. Guy Jackson, please get in touch!

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