Friday, March 25, 2005

Cloud Forms

something is happening to violet she does not want to talk much anymore she is going to show josh a new side maybe she wants to appear distant she has never called him to ask when or if she will see him he said please feel free to call and even ask to see him she cannot spring is almost in the air her friend louis calls tells her again how much he loves her louis is a hermaphrodite someone she can trust and share any emotion with in her moments of shameless seductions she declines for her love of josh last night she had dinner with vinny the wild leo vinny reaches her sense of wild abandonment they were lovers for ten months ten years ago vinny's raunchy side is attractive to violet she wonders what josh might feel if he walked by the restaurant and saw them acting familiar laughing uncontrollably something josh and violet have not done it is important for josh that violet be just with him she does not mind she gave up other men before he asked her she did not want anyone to touch her except josh she never told him she did not want him to feel trapped rose plays a big part in violet's life rose is in love with violet she has been in love with her from the first time she saw her make myself make calls help me Tich Nhat Han in Hanoi: you see a cloud and begin to love it with deepening compassion now you fear it will change form and no longer be a cloud it could rain it could be in your tea then you realize it is always the same a cloud taking many forms you see there is no birth no death nothing to fear

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