Saturday, April 30, 2022

A Simple Rule

 that's so drop dead right on
I can't believe I thought of it
and bothered to write it down
before it dissolved again into a
fog of unrealized potential I
don't really understand how it
works computational equivalence
suggests it's simpler than it looks
and that's the way it seems to me
a simple rule complicated result
the underlying principle is life

Sunday, April 24, 2022

On the Rise

how far we are from what's going on

some people still have fun and think

the world exists the way it always did

we alone realize it's almost over well

we're old and it's almost over for us

younger people still have to go on living

we don't like crowds couldn't sit through

a Broadways show kleenex in our ears

against the amplification vulgarity on

the rise as always and we don't miss it

Saturday, April 16, 2022

The Question

 not what religion I subscribe to
but what I actually believe is the
question I need to be asking it
isn't easy to think about sunk
in preconceptions and received
systems of thought so basic we
don't even notice assuming life
is what we grew up thinking is
what we assume must be real
because everybody says it is
you have to start all over and
that's impossible having come
this far the boys and girls have
got each other'snumbers in their
phones but usually don't answer if
you don't know where you're going
maybe you have already arrived