Monday, May 20, 2024

Going Abroad

how's what going abroad again
old stonemasons built what we
could never imagine doing
that going requires less years
ago I tried to be obscure how can
you not grasp what I'm thinking
clarity first faces against light
can't be unseen by switching off
you need key strip for action
honey what's going on about now
threatened arrival expires date
of death is always a surprise
like candles on a cake whose
birthday this time remembered
in time for a virtual exchange

Monday, May 06, 2024

Morning Nap

 "their wings rag out with age"
could be a poem in itself a line
ringing with profound renown
I have to look it up again to
spell it right for our little time
where no one knows anymore
my wings fold for a morning
nap what else are shoulder
blades made to cut but time
a crow in the corner of my
eye refers to memories of
honeyed pleasure climes
flies away beyond the 
momentary frame green
with the rain so it be
the words give the wit you
give the falling full length
on the sofa of your youth