Sunday, March 13, 2005

Old Shoes

am I not to wear worn-out shabby old sneakers though fond of the way I imagine look my habit taste déclassé reverse snobbism of another age elderly gentleman like myself wears nice shoes hip now immaculate new shoes slush subway farmer retired artist intellectual still practicing writing directing presenting keeps me happy (art and love every day night season any time) clunky rubber slip-ons easy slip off chiropractor pool old loafers resoled neat brown oxfords old new haircut new shoes Alfred help me choose how value effect of art abrupt rise of apocalyptic terrorism our sorry end no meaning extinction events intrinsic good to manage catastrophic risks natural accidents greedy shower of quarks species loss ourselves a strangelet disaster cost of 600 trillion dollars estimate social benefit in terms of personal fun bless her little heart makes all all right sympathy beams love turned upside down inside out about we com pare pete mune suave natural birds

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