Tuesday, March 01, 2005


The way the Performing Arts Library at Lincoln Center is organized is hideously opaque. The only way you can look anything up is under the title of the play, which is ridiculous. There needs to be a database that cross-indexes all the actors, writers, directors, designers, musicians, plays. producers, venues, and particular productions that have been done in New York over the past century at least. Revisiting the library in December reminded me how urgently such a database is needed. Our theatrical legacy is in the people and links among them. Surely there is a foundation out there that would support such a project. I wish I was in a position to do something about it. I am unduly isolated here in the remote Oregon country. Fours, not sure. There is the thought that it is a feminine expansion past the trinitarian masculinity of the christian deus. That it is the Native American assertion of the four directions (then add the self the sky and the earth for 7). That it is a second stable form, the first being a triangle. We can find it in sitz bones tail and pubic bone. And so on, galloping into plants and animals and limbs versus digits, lines and space and dimensions. But the number came up twice in one email day, so i am paying attention. namaste, marya Froidure in Hanoi dusk on Silver Creek Beethoven piano concerto cleaning up email love it keeping in touch touching

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