Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Different Pianos

Apologies to Andrew Holleran not meaning call him mediocre juxtaposition accidental in "The Beauty of Men" baldly depressed too true to face I respect his honest brave revelation incorrect unflattering self abject abrasive radio jock jokes Oscars the gay superbowl funk drive back from Portland run it backward warm sweet coffee after picking up red glasses fixed after hours playing pianos not falling in love with Bechstein Blüthner made me appreciate our Steinway clean power zeroed in on a Mason & Hamlin like my mother's Brahms Schubert Schumann Debussy seven feet too big I play una corda (soft pedal) not to overpower listener room every one different after swimming exercise laps with three-beat alternate-side breathing pink flowering plum green willows budding out all over fertile valley after breakfast yoga after dream hotel lost

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