Friday, July 15, 2005

Practical Magic

Art has too long been captured by commerce. Art must change or die. You do not make art to make money or gain prestige. You make art because you have to. If your art sells all well and good and one cannot begrudge anyone who happens to sell enough art to make a living. This should translate as more time to make art. The true purpose of art is to change the world through the practical magic that is particular to art. The art we need is visionary, consciousness elevating, and/or contemplative, for the maker and the viewer. Cash value is no longer an art value. The manufacturing of widgets for investments, décor, or advertisement will no longer do. Too many excellent artists are too easily disheartened when their work doesn't sell. Why should it sell? The making of the art is a value in itself. Even if no one else understands or even sees it. The first rule and perhaps the only rule is that you make your art to change yourself, through a critique of the visual, through a critique of art, through the very work it takes to make something. —John Perreault

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