Tuesday, July 05, 2005

No Out

Christopher Fry died 97 long silent time for poetic drama passed Eliot's breakthrough left behind "A Sleep of Prisoners" my first directing relished language metaphor epic antiwar just a few simple soldier fellows tender sensitive imagination flowers draw the audience in reality transformed engorged with meaning lives ignite what theatre can do inspires me now New York four two big two little Carol granddaughters adorable lively Genevieve Gabrielle three things going on at once clean one day over yummy dinner materializes everybody cooking yakking sprites in constant motion sound week whee free my thing adults enough join fun will easy welcoming compassion deconstruct my past epic website forms every page rich substance real experience real people realize my visions make-believe so Freudian bed mother kill father succeed father I myself go straight getting married joke no out it is every human's Calvary each play framed context comment some text photo ancillary documents tell old story anew new writer medium novel life