Sunday, May 15, 2005

Timeless Now

three simple requests to recognize a stroke SMILE RAISE BOTH ARMS SPEAK A SIMPLE SENTENCE failing any 911 immediate treatment critical no self-conscious hesitation wait 4 inspiration one idea enough no poet care my class percentile 64th occupation education income wealth what of mommy daddy art taste culture cocktails Chryslers clubs reading circle democratizes self expression B minor Mass echoing cruel pews flowered vault Louisa solo Hinrich oboe Laurel second soprano barely made it booming tympani basses better radio fuzz Gardiner's buoyant both mowers broken Carol pulling weeds right handed I protect my fingernails movies end life goes on or vice verse measured in ens and ems fill in future downshift step out round writing sprawl find form by application input processing language I prefer to Celtish myth words admit it personal taste I frankly deplore despite good will to wallowers may they effloresce my fiction a timeless now you see or not for me there is nothing else

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