Monday, May 09, 2005

Even Here

every wrong line reading rankles unsolved slap broken dance each pause refinements unattained I'm sick of Kierston chewing tongue stud lounging laughing all is not forgiven compromised Linda gives no recognition acknowledges no pleasure continues to unfurl half hour set no more now they help my party pleases cast present well intended ritual complete goodbyes drive through rain to airport Julian shares confusion withholds clarity himself tender thirty my breakups scarcely relevant live through right moves mistakes alike his plane two hours late toys books coffee people hugs head back on Eno highway Mac's Alfred sentimental Sunday jam eight ten string bass rocks rollicks frolics works it thrilling loud for me I gladly home to bed how much I liked what the actors did the play alive its strangeness problems solved oil moving rocks imagination empowers even here amid dumb greenery stupefied history driving animal machines good plain people forging lives without language common kind give all give value taking heart good food drink friends eyes art blood lovers waxing moon

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