Thursday, May 26, 2005

In Panama

I am in Panama with Johnny. It is snowing. The water is famous for its purity: the entire water supply is treated by osmosis and something else. We are staying in a hotel. Johnny regrets that his friend had to leave just before we arrived. We go back to my/our room. We can make love later: he is a woman: I now know how to make him come: will he like that? It doesn't feel very spontaneous, or even interesting. I notice in the mess of stuff that I have come away with both pairs of flippers, the big ones and the little ones; perhaps I will mail them back to the States: will that cost too much? Johnny comes into the bathroom while I am peeing: the toilet is in the middle of the room. We have dinner at a restaurant. The strawberries are so good that the ladies at another table have to stand up, exclaiming. Johnny has brought a booklet of paper dolls with costumes printed on heavy paper: I am relieved that we are not going to punch them out now. The people at the next table get up and leave. The real present is a poetry book called "The Second Idyll": he has ordered two copies, which are coming in the mail. He recites me a bit of it as he is fitting and laying carpet in a house by the side of the road.

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