Friday, April 01, 2005

Pure Openness

Creeley leaves three wives eight children pure openness thats what I mind about Hollinghurst the contrary hides facts as well as what we are to think of them maddens we saw "No Exit" Imago Portland painful classic butts hurt two and a half uninterrupted hours tipping floor three actors balancing each other smart directing acting Sartre tirelessly crafty interest who has not yet tortured each of the others too shrill sometimes but they had to do something dont we all I lost it yesterday too much spinning changes actors flaking off too few diligent committed Laurel comforts similar tales perspective we saw "Street Scene" Portland Opera disappointing awkward genre mix trite melodrama Weill mostly timid Hughes lyrics lame old-fashioned three-story tenement English National huge cast crisp characters delightful kids I woke worry set finish lights sound paint ceiling running show when will actors rally be strong no joke

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