Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Forest Floor

green forest floor floats unified capable artist beginners acting why pretend scared imagine real people sitting this basic struggle Alfred good less tired play pong no wait strange miracle face so what if I lost oh fun fun confection violet bought a dress she has not had a dress in many years rose told her about a lovely woman's clothing store she never would have dreamed of going in a great sale $150 to $36 she bought two she has been working one ivory with smotched pale pink flowers some moss green sheer clinging ultrafeminine sexy silk the other dark pink roses swirls of soft flowers she feels beautiful in these dresses she needs to get used to the feeling she wants to be relaxed when she makes her debut violet is not afraid to stand up in a fight she is afraid to appear in a dress her teacher works with the class on the emotional center she is facing her emotions from the past oh yes the moon rides every instrumental

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