Sunday, January 22, 2006

Bearing Witness

It's a pity I can't get into the Times. Every show I go to that has had a story in the Times is selling out, but nobody is coming to my play, which remains invisible. Even The Voice declined to review or hype it. The Times is really the only game. People who see the play like it, and at this point, two weeks into the run, the performance is getting sweet. So I am happy with it. Alfred has created a wonderful character and we are having a very good time together in the city. I marvel at the actors, who give their all for whoever is there. So do I. Carol says I am bearing witness. I sort of vaguely know what she means but that is not what I want to be doing particularly: a byproduct, at best. Theatre without audience is like books without readers. I do that too. And blog. I see the work as having a life and being of its own, free-standing, independent. Beauty does not need to be admired. But admiring it is a great pleasure.

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