Friday, January 13, 2006

Almost Naked

A writer's life is a highly vulnerable, almost naked activity. We don't have to weep about that. The writer makes his choice and is stuck with it. But it is true to say that you are open to all the winds, some of them icy indeed. (Pinter) Six in the house tonight: a friendly older woman in the front row, acting herself, who loved the play and acting; two pierced young people who said when asked that they enjoyed it; a shaky old man with a cane who left at intermission; another old man with fresh wounds on his face; and a black man who came back late for the second half, snuck around behind the risers, and climbed silently into his seat in the back row. The performance was excellent. Gary Maurie Bob called I called Peter can't walk Kevin sent photos praise both love giving being loved

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