Monday, February 21, 2005

Perfected Writing

Entertaining after Hinrich's free concert Willamette woodwinds Salem library sat with Laurel unfamiliar composers pleased his oboe pesky happy crowd we scooted off to cook chicken ready Lorin brought a 1967 Bordeaux having aced her Chinese medicine exam today praised my eggplant Provençale her healing gestures generous unstoppable Jerry held forth building obstacles new bureaucrat Oregon law loves that stuff they will build new acupuncture clinic in spite of everything talk exhausting Three weekends wanted "Butter Boy" sell more tickets I rejiggered rehearsal plan imagining scenes it should work despite ragged start four actors doing another play first weeks work around End of "Middlesex" delicious tears feeling welling up on window seat in morning sun Roger Angell evoking stepfather E. B. White perfected writing lovingly missed recalled it used to seem worthwhile precious gift love labor ideal writing life Maine farm I can't take anything seriously anymore practice Brahms for private tactile mind

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