Thursday, April 23, 2020

Limits Winthin

cultural expectations completely control taste feeling reaction time limits
within which we choose define the self we prefer to project sense as real
our own privately held property disposed of obedient to implicit contract
entered into unwittingly fine print unreadable without inaccessible effort

cultural expectations hide in every corner window precondition of comfort
list of what occurs it can be recognized or programmed to forget imagining
a picture of nothing ungiven can be taken away by stealth wisdom magical
thought ritual enactment regularly repeated like the mantra of who we are

cultural expectations spring upon us from hidden reservoirs unremembered
even as we sink we rise vaporous wraiths of supposition circumscribed by
air continuous in and out replaced by more of the same memories rewritten
in different styles which changes nothing we dare invest with actual meaning

cultural expectations reaffirm what undermines direct perception via unique
self-invention as hippie communard corporate cog cowboy loner wary artist
gives back information synthesized from coincidentally simultaneous history
edited aggregate hardened perceptible only from a distant planet long extinct

cultural expectations remind recipient as sender returns favorable evaluation
we are one composite of each other in a range biology physics distance only
attenuates if we were there we would be other languages function differently
exchanging words connecting structures joining separate interior incomplete

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