Saturday, May 25, 2019

Even Women

we are all immigrants nothing but
some fleeting glimpse or sense
remains of where we came from
ancestors moving out long ago
driven off or hoping for better
remembering only recent moves
that somehow happened to us

we are all veterans of wars
we didn't wage or want to be
surrogate suffering inescapable
drafted without exception or
escape to Canada nowhere safe
all threatened by poisoned air
water animals mass destruction

we are all women even men
in burly trucks showing off
exulting in power underfoot
even women calling the shots
know better the limits of life
encased in muscle sturdy bone
drawing down the balance

we embody our time and self
descended from a better dream
depleted by not mere difference
but degradation impermissible
arrogance in privileging this
above all as if final throes
had never been seen before

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