Saturday, April 06, 2019

Here I Am

here is where I am now
on this fertile planet amid
far-flung spinning galaxies
surrounded by walls and furniture
on the border of our town USA
wearing this envelope of air
molecular gravitational
slouching on my pillow

I is this body
what we agree I can be
defined by shifting circumstance
and age increasingly
as if there could be doubt
or any other outcome
and personal history
no one knows
and I remember strangely

am is the personal to be
not forever but long enough
first person present tense
until these molecules disperse
existence is required
awake or sleeping dreaming
happy or appalled my
beautiful world despoiled
by our very existence

and then actually be here
not only breathing
awake to the whole shebang
take it as what it is
a sheer fiasco forever worse
and continue to live

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