Sunday, August 16, 2015

Catching Up

the future is at least as predictable as the past
most of your plans go off without a hitch but
what follows later is unknowable similarly
you know what you did but not the context
what others did when you weren't there what
they felt or even thought about it your own
thoughts and feelings entirely confused what
they meant and why you overreacted it was
simpler than you imagined still oddly strange
your own part not always what you meant

even what actually happened each must say
and all of them are dead and left no record
my memory certainly not reliable fragments
of stories told too often to myself and others
pared down to almost nothing and that vague
if not untrue my life not experienced as facts
but webs of circumstance and physicality in
action with others past and future changing
before we are anywhere near catching up

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