Friday, July 06, 2012

Serious Consequences

programmed by the season has me
weed the dwarf pines in the hot
sun do my tai chi out under the
walnut pick blueberries after dinner
by place and customs by the limits
of my time and culture constraints
of expectation by my own habits
good and bad that constitute my
self inherited mostly chimpanzee
made in defense or compensation
uniqueness sum of improvisations
tune out tune in what did I miss

where then is there room to choose
as you must do in each moment
responsible to and for a dubious
self defined by differentness all
the same doing the same things
programmed and all individual
whim serious consequences for
future generations as we are the
future of an earlier past equally
obscure and don't blame them for
what followed their many mistakes
but praise their art and productivity

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