Monday, April 30, 2012

False Modesty

"Of all the constraints imposed on us that restrict our freedom—constraints of morality and decorum, constraints of class and finance—one of the earliest that is forced upon us is the constraint of a language that we are forced to learn so that others can talk to us and tell us things we do not wish to know." —Charles Rosen

half a moon a sparsely blossoming dogwood
beeps dings children who can't pay attention
percentages don't tell stories I can understand

brightness all we have to offer listening and
thinking about everything we hear look first
then leap the fall is all there you go enjoy it

easy to say if you have it easy can afford to
take it easy unearned income meeting need
miraculous destiny plays with generations

and that isn't all if I could think I would tell
I can and do false modesty a limiting habit
arrogance worse try be intelligent together