Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Always There

violet has been under a stream of sadness
she got lost in the care of josh who was trapped in panic
and under the influence of perception-numbing medication
a year went by
she stopped her own dreams and aspirations
she became engulfed in a cloud of deep depression
she realized she would always help her loved one
now violet no longer has sleepless days and nights
in a gentle soft yet firm voice she reminds josh that he is strong now
freed from the grip of the medication he was given
he needs to sit quietly and gather all of his strength
he can breath calmly and vanquish his panic attacks
violet is counting on spring to bring her back into the world she almost lost
the world that gives her comfort
her world of magic
being close to nature
reconnecting with her intuition
knowing when to turn the corner or go in a straight line
violet's belief in herself appeared to disappear at times
under it all it was always there
when Violet hears the birds singing she is reassured that her world awaits her
she is ready with open arms to receive all it offers

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