Monday, February 15, 2010

Paper Bag

Garrison Keillor practically took my cereal away.
Tell me your number so I can call you back when I am awake.
I am writing everything down on a paper bag.
No, I only moved here nine years ago, after the good times you so fondly remember were over.
That sounds like a good book for us to publish, and if you are really writing a column for the New Yorker you can help us sell it. How can I get a copy of the manuscript? Is the author still alive?
All this because I answered the phone in the back of John's station wagon, which he was compulsively tidying up.

If you are unhappy with the kids in the cast, talk to the director, don't talk to me, and don't tell him I said to.
People persist in their behavior. What can you do with a thought like that?

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