Sunday, July 29, 2007

Ground Swells

once a coherent metaphor or symbol begins to take shape the surrealist impulses take over and nonsense ensues is this my ideal yes the style most tickling meanwhile lost in serious as if we have no control our lives among millions one or two geologic time winks and nothing is changed sentimental self-interest rise above practical cats unhappy winter grimly get through barn chores erections words arise attenuated blood brothers never speak parallel solitaries rely momentum carry water ground swells warm nonlethal attractive fabrication here and at a distance patience perseverance medicated equanimity despised recourse as if ends mean anything regular pleasures sufficient exercise occasional trips then nothing else ever again recover appetite material follow-through escape to warmth civilization consciousness of history and all it suggests artesian memories contest present empty poised enrapturing blackbirds belie abstraction red or yellow winged particular landscapes as if home truly becomes the way we are spoken each other's anchor foundation any do fullness do patterns like aerial acrobatics and poetry in French

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