Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Go Looking

across the country father and son on the 25th floor the elevator is the size of a small fireplace unthinkable my hips up there a community college rooms crowded with vapidly cheery young people milling we find the woman she shows us our rooms windowless plywood cubicles too small for a bed you are a very stupid administrator I must have a room at least as large as yours with a window to the outside go looking a section for animals strange white wax knobs sheep suggestion of vile experiments outside with a techie kid I am always writing hide small tape recorders here and there playing tapes in my shoulder bag a paper with various notes one in someone else's handwriting big disks masters of classical repertory a turntable playing would destroy them they are already warped put them back in their sleeves I like this one he says a poem back to the west

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