Saturday, September 03, 2005

Romantic Stories

question ch'i I feel it what else lovers touch flows level sensitized feel it meditating web energy community sangha despite cultural barriers each for self privacy property right intention palpable not air five sense despite microwaves electrical body resonance field nothing matters more everything follows violet's romantic stories are too close to her heart she tries to detach and write again josh did tell violet that he loves her words that she has yearned for even though he tricked her into saying it first violet feels they are going through a very delicate moment for not only did she expose her heart so did josh violet's heart ached so when josh went to rome this is when she knew her love for him even when he came back she still felt the ache he left her with and could not declare her love for fear he would get scared violet remembers the moment she knew she wanted him and only him he had his hand on her stomach something happened she wanted no other ever to touch her again she never told that to josh she told the other men she no longer wanted to see them for still even after all this time they have not given up she is inundated with proposals you never gave me a chance or you would be happier with me for i can give you everything you need violet is not swayed or impressed by money she could be set forever never have to work again if she left josh for another violet does not mix sex with love sex is a pleasure love is deep within her soul a mystery of life a feeling beyond no other

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