Thursday, January 27, 2005

No Other Play

an hour in the dentist's chair two masked experts looming over me manipulating power equipment in my mouth hard to relax the new tooth better I have to watch out for a tendency to pull things down on top of me when they don't go my way, lose completely if I can't win. Lagging in a teenage sailing race I tried to make my boat capsize. Frustrated casting "Butter Boy" I gave the problem a week, groused, got depressed, realized there is nothing else I want to do, no other play, no trip, nothing else as interesting to do with Alfred; then acted: further auditions tonight. Forward! The two cats joined us gazing at the moon. thin cool sunshine I plant bright primroses as last year's bloom again our town's best restaurant tries amateur beside New York dinner parties unimagined can I love country living pastoral quiet peace enough

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