Thursday, May 21, 2020

Sheer Being

it wouldn't exist if someone hadn't thought it up
absolutely not and then it does even if forgotten
cre-a-ti-vi-ty emerging from god-given chaos too
complex to be seen as order on a higher plateau

thus we get kicks feel flow mark passage perform
our better nature realized in pataphysical matter
collateral effect irrelevant whatever the apparent
subject or content sheer being validates its worth

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Wait Calm

real art takes more patience
in the moment one wonders
how not to be bored go on
and finish don't waste time
wrong thought there will be
others give this all attention
wait calm to the actual end

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Editing Notes

what is the difference between meaning and actual meaning
so why say actual

we're in her head
you don't have to say her name

you said he had no passion in the first paragraph
maybe a different word

this should really be integrated with the other time you say it
oh never mind leave it

I'd get rid of the single quotes
too fussy especially in dialogue
sometimes instead italics

"spit out a mouthful of lunch onto her plate"

like is better than such as

it never hurts to be clear

Friday, May 08, 2020

Get Up

what I dream of Trump
whisked away in a black
Lincoln party turned riot
all destroyed like Aleppo

where is my old energy
driving driven depthless
now I barely can get up
paralyzed abruptly move

the day is mostly waiting
idle not to miss the call
everyone is too busy or
nothing can yet be done

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Limits Winthin

cultural expectations completely control taste feeling reaction time limits
within which we choose define the self we prefer to project sense as real
our own privately held property disposed of obedient to implicit contract
entered into unwittingly fine print unreadable without inaccessible effort

cultural expectations hide in every corner window precondition of comfort
list of what occurs it can be recognized or programmed to forget imagining
a picture of nothing ungiven can be taken away by stealth wisdom magical
thought ritual enactment regularly repeated like the mantra of who we are

cultural expectations spring upon us from hidden reservoirs unremembered
even as we sink we rise vaporous wraiths of supposition circumscribed by
air continuous in and out replaced by more of the same memories rewritten
in different styles which changes nothing we dare invest with actual meaning

cultural expectations reaffirm what undermines direct perception via unique
self-invention as hippie communard corporate cog cowboy loner wary artist
gives back information synthesized from coincidentally simultaneous history
edited aggregate hardened perceptible only from a distant planet long extinct

cultural expectations remind recipient as sender returns favorable evaluation
we are one composite of each other in a range biology physics distance only
attenuates if we were there we would be other languages function differently
exchanging words connecting structures joining separate interior incomplete

Thursday, April 16, 2020

More Hours

the town's noon siren is always a few minutes early meaning what
I mean to be on time for no appointments in this month or the next
at least we have our regular rhythms clean stalls free hens breakfast
nap after lunch before she rides Rocky while I look on read one book
after another takes me away to Germany Greece New Guinea together
in the evening after dinner before she sleeps I while away more hours
until my bedtime midnight join her in a bed full of sleep and dreams

Monday, April 13, 2020

Being Myself

nutmeg cloves and mace were the spices that drove exploration
drove over native cultures everywhere east of Egypt even China
for a while now that's over and everything we learned is changed

I can't help being myself with all my galling gaps and limitations
when I let my mind wander it can't find anyplace interesting to go
how can I surprise myself explode my style say a thing I never saw

Thursday, April 02, 2020

Wet Grass

the sun had come out after days of rain I should have said
it sparkled on the wet grass the white clouds puffy against
blue sky in the west but I didn't understand the exercise of
looking and generalized instead of saying what I really saw
attention to the present not an impression I wanted to make

Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Only to Me

waves of fright lap at the shores of my tranquility
I am reading poetry now getting it for a change
later another line will come to me from the rain

boring is the word from Nancy Foster unsettling
mine for now anxiety makes me feel sick I am not
merely vulnerable no longer ready to feel strong

everything signifies but only to me when I'm gone
no one will remember these paintings' special ring
George Sand in the park boys picking raspberries

Monday, March 30, 2020

Fatal Steps

unconstrained maximalization
peeps from the undergrowth of
optimization theory undermining
all our natural inclinations as if
mathematics ruled reality so it is
the basic application classified
no one knows what's going on

my old friend follows fascination
into weaponry god knows what
will result from human curiosity
unbound by commonsensical
reasoning if I don't someone else
will take the fatal steps ahead
follow to the logical conclusion

I don't begin to understand the
math defeated as a freshman I
let it go did something other led
a different style of grownup life
who better richer more fulfilled
our beautiful being undefined
unmeaninged by epidemic death